Saturday, June 14, 2014

Must Buy Japanese Roll Cake - Roll Chan

     This roll cake is one of my must buy sweets in Japan. When I was in Japan two months ago, I bought this roll cake, Roll Chan, which is made by Yamazaki.

     Five years ago, I first bought some in Japan because I knew that they were very popular there. I read many positive reviews on Roll Chan. As many Japanese people review, it tasted very good. Specifically, the chocolate one had pretty decent taste. It was only 150 yen each, which is equivalent to only $1.50!  
Roll Chan (ロールちゃん) by Yamazaki

     Yamazaki, which is a bread manufacture and was established in 1948, has made more than 40 kinds of Roll Chan since 2007. Most flavors are selling locally or in limited time, such as matcha, tiramisu, coffee cream, and so on.

     These three flavors are ones you can currently find at supermarkets or convenience stores everywhere in Japan. If you are in Japan or are planning to visit Japan, you should check them out. These are super good! The rabbit-like character on the package is also very cute, isn't it?

Roll Chan, Chocolate Flavor

Roll Chan, Whip Cream Flavor

Roll Chan, Tropical Fruit Flavor

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