Sunday, June 8, 2014

Otokomae Tofu in the U.S.

      Last week, I found Otokomae Tofu at Japanese supermarket! As I mentioned in my previous entries, I tried some of their tofu in Japan, and I found liking for them. I have eaten many kinds of tofu in Japan since I was very little. Obviously, their tofu products are the best ever.
      When I found their tofu at the supermarket, I got excited about it. I couldn't believe that they had variety selection of Otokomae Tofu! :) Specifically, I had never thought that I would see their soy milk in the U.S. before. However, their price was about six times more expensive than Japan! I wish I could afford to buy them ...
Otokomae Tofuten

Otokomae Tofuten

Otokomae Tofuten

     While House Foods tofu is usually about $1, Otokomae tofu is around $7. What kind of people can afford their tofu? Even though their tofu is super expensive, it is true that these taste so good! If I can buy one of them, I will choose their soy milk(男前豆乳)!

      My entries about Otokomae tofuten can be seen here.

     This is their funny official website!

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