Monday, June 30, 2014

New Uniqlo Branch in Southern California & Uniqlo Clothing in Japan

      I was glad to hear that the new Uniqlo branch would open at South Coast Plaza this fall. It will be first location in Southern California!

     Uniqlo is a globally popular Japanese casual fashion retailer. They have over 1,200 branches all over the world. Their clothing is pretty well made and sells with reasonable prices. It's true that many Japanese celebrities wear Uniqlo clothing, such as some famous fashion models and actors. That's why they are also popular for people who are really interested in fashion.
     Moreover, their clothing is widely loved among all ages in Japan because their clothing is simply designed and pretty functional. Specifically, their Ultra Light Down Jackets have been incredibly very popular in Japan. When I went to Japan last winter, I often saw Japanese people who were wearing those at the airport in Japan. Ultra Light Down Jackets are very light weight and keep you warm more than you expect. In addition, you can easily carry it in its compact pouch.

Ultra Light Down Jacket

Ultra Light Down Jacket

    When my husband and I were living in Japan, we purchased their clothing many times. You can find Uniqlo branches everywhere in Japan! If truth be told, I have purchased some while traveling in abroad too, such as Shanghai and Paris.

    Even though they will open the new branch here in Southern California, I still recommend you to go to Uniqlo in Japan if you are planning on traveling there. It's because Uniqlo in Japan has wide selections of their clothing. Specifically, they have many interesting tees which are only released in Japan with pretty reasonable price. :)
     These are some of their tees which are collaboration between Uniqlo and some designers.

Uniqlo Line Tee for 943yen (for men)
Uniqlo World Omiyage Tee for 1429yen (for men)

Uniqlo World Omiyage Tee for 1429yen (for men)
Uniqlo Tomica Pla Rail Tee for 943yen (for boys)

Uniqlo Rilakkuma Tee for 943yen (for girls)

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