Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bara Chirashi, Chirashizushi

      Today, my husband and I went to Tokyo Central, a Japanese supermarket in the U.S. At the deli section, there were many types of sushi we could choose from.
Tokyo Central
     We decided to purchase this chirashi sushi. As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, I made gomoku chirashi (五目ちらし) last night, but this chirashi sushi (chirashizushi) was different from the one I made yesterday. This is called bara chirashi (ばらちらし).
Chirahi Sushi (ちらし寿司)
     Bara chirashi is a cooked vinegared rice bowl topped with a variety of fresh sashimi. Since I love fresh raw fish, when we go to Tokyo Central, we often purchase this chirashi sushi. It had tuna, salmon, octopus, masago, egg and so on. It's only $8.48! I think it's incredibly reasonable. :))
Bara Chirashi
     By the way, chirashi (ちらし/チラシ) means sprinkle in Japanese. Many ingredients are sprinkled on cooked vinegared rice. Bara chirashi looks similar to kaisen don (海鮮丼) since both use fresh sashimi. While bara chirashi uses cooked vinegared rice, kaisen don usually uses cooked rice.

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