Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kobukuro - Tsubomi

    Today, I listened to Tsubomi (蕾), a song by Kobukuro (コブクロ), a famous Japanese band. The song was written by Kentaro Kobuchi for his late mother. In 2007, this song was used as theme song of Japanese serial TV drama, Tokyo Tower, which was a story about a bond between mother and son. When I lived in Japan, I watched all episodes of this TV drama with my husband. He told me that his mother also worked very hard to raise him and his brother in Fukuoka, Japan. When I listen to this song, it reminds me of his mother. She is very gentle, humble and friendly, and she has been my ideal woman. :)  


    Yesterday, she sent me this picture which she took near Bengara Village (べんがら村), a small hot spring mall in Yame city in Fukuoka prefecture. She wanted to take pictures of beautiful cherry blossoms to show me Japanese spring flowers, but it's been raining in Fukuoka. When it rains, cherry blossoms won't last very long. She took this picture on a rainy day before cherry blossoms are gone. How sweet she is. ;)

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