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3 Best Japanese Oil Blotting Papers, Aburatorigami

    As I mentioned in my previous entry, Top 5 Life-Changing Japanese Beauty Products, I always keep oil blotting papers in my on-the-go makeup bag. Oil blotting papers are called aburatorigami (あぶらとり紙) in Japanese. Abura (あぶら/油) is oil, tori (とり/取り) is to remove, and gami (紙) is a paper. As its name, it's a just paper to remove oil from your face. When my face gets greasy hours after makeup, I just press it on my face. It absorbs oil, and my makeup looks fresh and clean again. :)

 When you visit Japan, you can find so many oil blotting paper products everywhere such as drugstores, convenience stores and Dasio. You can also find a few products at gift shops in Airports in Japan. You might think it's just paper, but I can say that all of them are not the same.

    Today, I'm going to share three best Japanese oil blotting papers which are highly rated on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site.

No.1 Yojiya Aburatorigami (よーじや  あぶらとり紙)
20 sheets - 323 yen
Yojiya Aburatorigami (よーじや  あぶらとり紙)
     Yojiya (よーじや) is the most famous oil blotting paper brand in Japan. Yojiya was established in Kyoto in 1904. Their products cannot be found at many stores in Japan, but I believe that most women in Japan know this product because it has been often mentioned in many beauty magazines and travel guide books of Kyoto. It is often introduced as the best souvenir from Kyoto in those books. When I lived in Osaka, I traveled Kyoto so many times. Even though it's pretty pricy (It contains only 20 sheets!), I purchased it there anyway because it's incredibly famous! When I first used it, I was impressed that it removed excess oil really well. The paper was nice and thick, so it didn't tear while I was using it. :) Then, when I traveled Kyoto, I purchased it again and again. :) As I mentioned above, you cannot find this products everywhere in Japan. They have 13 branches in Kyoto and one branch in Osaka. If you travel Kyoto, you really should check Yojiya Aburtorigami there. You can also find their products at gift shops in Haneda, Narita and Kansai Airports. 
    By the way, now they have Yojiya Cafe! Yojiya Cafe have 5 branches in Kyoto and 1 branches in Tokyo. Haneda Airport has Yojiya and Yojiya Cafe. If you find their cafe, try their popular matcha cuppuccino.
Yojiya Matcha Cuppccino

No.2 DHC Aburatorigami (DHC あぶらとり紙 大判タイプ)
200 sheets - 500yen
DHC Aburatorigami (DHC あぶらとり紙)
     DHC Aburatorigami is also popular in Japan because it's larger than regular oil blotting paper. The size is 95mm×135mm. It contains 200 sheets. Many people review that even if you have oily skin, one sheet is just large enough to get rid of greasy oil from your face. Many convenience stores in Japan carry DHC products, but this large DHC Abratorigami can be only purchased at DHC branches. Some DHC branches are located in Aeon Malls and Ito-Yokado supermarkets.

No.3 Muji Kami Oshiroi (無印良品 紙おしろい)
60 sheets - 210 yen
Muji Kami Oshiroi (無印良品 紙おしろい)
      Oshiroi (おしろい) means makeup powders in Japanese, but this term is probably only used for abratorigami now. Japanese abratorigami has two types, abratorigami and kami oshiroi (紙おしろい). Regular one, which is called abratorigami, is non powder. Abratorigami with loose powder is called kami oshiroi. When your face gets greasy hours after makeup and want to refresh your makeup, just press this kami oshiroi on your face. It absorbs oil and leave a little powder on your face. You don't have to carry your setting powder around anymore.  
Muji Kami Oshiroi (無印良品 紙おしろい)
    Many Japanese cosmetic companies including Shiseido are selling kami oshiroi, but Muji one is affordable and has many positive reviews in Japan. Muji Kami Oshiroi can be found at Muji (無印良品) branches. Muji stores are everywhere in Japan. If you go to Japan, you should check out Muji store there. By the way, Narita Airport has two Muji branches. You can also check out my previous entry, Must Go to Place in Japan - Muji part 1, and my entries related to Muji can be seen here.

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