Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saba Zushi, Pressed Mackerel Sushi

    Last night, my husband had delicious sushi with his important business associates at Kitayama, an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant in Newport Beach. He told me that their sushi is so authentic and high quality. He brought this sushi, saba sushi, for me last night. :) The sushi was wrapped with bamboo leaves.
     Saba sushi (鯖寿司) is pressed mackerel sushi which is called saba zushi in Japanese. Sometimes, it's also called battera in Japan. 

       It's difficult see from the photo, but the mackerel was wrapped with shiroita kombu (白板昆布), a very thin white kelp. Needless to say, this sushi was made in a very traditional way. It was so good, and indeed, it was the best saba sushi I've ever had. :)

101 Bayview Pl 
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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