Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Make Easy Garlic Soy Sauce

     Do you like garlic? Garlic is good for your health and has delicious tastes. I made homemade garlic soy sauce weeks ago, and it turned out so delicious flavorful seasoning. It has rich in garlic flavor. Use garlic soy sauce just like the way you usually use your soy sauce. I've poured one teaspoon of it over grilled fish, Japanese omelet and an egg over easy. They turned out so delicious garlic flavored meals. :)   Making garlic soy sauce is so easy. It doesn't require any heat. I'm going to share how to make easy garlic soy sauce with you.

Soy Sauce
Mason Jar

1. Peel heads of garlic and put them into a jar. Fill the jar with soy sauce.

2. Cover the lid and keep it in a refrigerator.

3. After two weeks, you can enjoy the garlic soy sauce. You can also eat the marinated garlic.

4. Store homemade garlic soy sauce in the refrigerator. You can add garlic and soy sauce in it anytime. Use it up in two to three years.  :)

※If you want to make it faster, you can use sliced garlic. One week later, you can enjoy garlic soy sauce, but use it up in two to three months.

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