Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Starbucks México Chiapas

     I received a 30% off coupon code from Starbucks this month and purchased this whole coffee beans, Starbucks México Chiapas, before the code expires. Last night, I finally picked up my order at my local FedEx. When I took the coffee beans out of the box, I was impressed at how cute the package was! :) Even though I love wild animals very much, I didn't know that there are jaguars in dense mountain forest in Mexico! The coffee beans were grown in Mexico where jaguars live. :)      
Starbucks México Chiapas
     I was really excited to try this coffee this morning. I brewed this coffee with a pour-over coffee brewing method. I enjoyed the fresh coffee aroma filling in the kitchen. Even though it's medium dark roasted coffee, it was not sour at all, which I like. It had subtle nutty tastes. My husband and I love this Starbucks coffee. :)

Rare and solitary jaguars hunt within the dense forested slopes of Mexico’s Sierra Madre de Chiapas, where a legacy of coffee growing is generations strong. High altitudes and rich, volcanic soil create ideal conditions for the coffee to thrive amid fragrant orchids, foraging tapirs and, on occasion, a majestic predatory cat. Bright and crisp with flavors of cocoa and roasted nuts, every cup showcases the hard work of farmers and their pride in this lush, vibrant region.

Starbucks México Chiapas
      I stored the beans in the airtight containers to keep them fresh longer. :) This is my YouTube video, 4 Tips : How to Store Coffee Beans Properly.

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