Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ikko Japanese Cuisine - An Authentic Japanese Sushi Restaurant

     Tonight, my husband and I went to Ikko, an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant in Costa Mesa. He sometimes goes to this restaurant with his business associates. Because this month is my birthday, he made a dinner reservation for tonight. :) I've heard that this restaurant serves very authentic and high quality Japanese sushi, so I was very excited to go there. :)
        He booked sushi bar seats, at which a master sushi chef makes sushi right front of you.

Green Tea
       We ordered this seaweed salad as a starter. It had shredded nori and crispy fried onion on some kinds of seaweed and lettuce. It was a savory salad. :) 
Seaweed Salad with Sesasme Soy Dressing
      Then, we both tried 10 pieces of Sushi Omakase, which they provide the day's freshest and seasonal sushi.

      First, we had otoro and chutoro, fatty tuna belly. Tuna is my favorite fish of sushi. These were absolutely the best ones I've had in years! They were very fresh and authentic!
Otoro & Chutoro
    Then, we had isaki and kihata which were from Kyushu, Japan. Isaki had a little ume paste on it, and kihata had yuzu pepper paste on it. They were very fresh and savory!    
Isaki & Kihata
      Then, we had sakura masu, which is called cherry salmon in English, and octopus which from Hokkaido, Japan. Octopus had truffle on it. I really loved sakura masu.
Cherry Salmon & Octopus
      Then, we had two kinds of mackerels, aji from Shizuoka prefecture and saba from Kyusyu. These were also so good!
Mackerels (Aji & Saba)
       We had sea urchin. It was so fresh and melted in my mouth.
Sea Urchin
      Finally, we had crab gunkanmaki, which is sushi wrapped with nori.
      After eating all 10 pieces of Sushi Omakase, we additionally ordered chutoro because it was very delicious.
      Before checking out, we had this Japanese ice cream, Black Bean Ice Cream with Brown Sugar Syrup. This was also perfect! :)))
Black Beans Ice Cream with Brown Sugar Syrup

       All kinds of sushi we had today were very fresh and tasted great! It was beyond our expectations. Although their sushi is always very expensive, we were really satisfied with today's dinner. :)

      When we were leaving from this restaurant, all seats were completely full, and about five groups of people were waiting at the front of this restaurant. It seemed like that they are a pretty popular restaurant. If you are looking for an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant, I will recommend you to try this restaurant. They don't serve Americanized sushi. :) If you are looking for spicy California rolls, you should find other sushi restaurants. :)

735 Baker St Ste C 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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