Monday, May 23, 2016

So1elys Clearwhip, A Dupe for Shiseido Perfect Whip !? - Japanese Product I've Used Up

        When I visited Japan a few years ago, I bought this facial cleanser at drugstore. I usually buy Shiseido Perfect Whip, which I often mentioned in my previous entries, while staying in Japan, but this cleansing product, which was next to Shiseido Perfect Whip at the store, caught my eye. This was So1elys Clearwhip, which I had never hard of before. It looked like a dupe for the Shiseido Perfect Whip. So1elys Clearwhip was about 100 yen (about $1) cheaper than Shiseido Perfect Whip, so I decided to purchase this for my first time. 

So1elys Clearwhip
      I finally used it up last month. :) Over all, I actually liked it. Compared to Shiseido Perfect Whip, So1elys Clearwhip was light texture, so it was easy to use until the last. It smelled like honey peach, which I like. It can be made thick creamy foam, but it was not as thick as Shiseido Perfect Whip. That's why I don't think it's a perfect dupe for Shiseido Perfect Whip. It's completely different one, but I liked it. :)
So1elys Clearwhip
    You cannot find So1elys Clearwhip outside Japan, but in Japan, you can probably find ones at 300 to 400 yen (about $3 to $4) at drugstores. Since this cleansing product was not super famous, I think it's not easy to find one there though.

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