Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Couldn't You Save Money?

    I read Robert T. Kiyosaki's best seller books, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Rich Dad's Cashflow, this year. While reading these books, I remembered the day when one of my friends asked me, "How can you save money?" At that time, I first thought she was just asking me as a small talk, but later I found that she was very serious. My friend and I were both late 20s back then. Our salaries were almost same. I lived with my husband. She lived with her boyfriend. I thought our lifestyles were almost same. We had very demanding job, so we were always very busy. However, we and some other our coworkers sometimes hung out and enjoyed talking after work. One day, we had dinner at a restaurant located near our work place, and my friend told us that she had no saving at all. She said that she wouldn't know if she could pay off her credit debt next month. It was very surprising us. All our coworkers told her, "Without special effort, you should have saved money at least a little." "Why couldn't you save money?" It was no joke. She had no saving. The reason why she couldn't save money was that she didn't know how to spend money properly. She didn't cook at all, so she always ate out at restaurants or bought a bento box at convenience stores. She bought anything she drank such as bottles of tea and water as well. She joined a private pension plan in early 20s because her friend who was selling it recommended the plan to her. She bought three pairs of luxury winter boots with regular prices in a month. Looking back, it was no wonder that she couldn't save money.  Even though I used to think she spent more money than I did, I never thought she had financial difficulty. She asked us seriously, "How can you save money?"
    It's not simple to teach her how I saved money because it's been many years since I started thinking about saving money seriously. Saving money is not simple. It's learning and training yourself.

    Next time, I'll write about the day when I started saving money.

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