Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt - Japanese Product I've Used Up

      As I mentioned in my previous entry, Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Bath Salt / Bath Additive Brands, Japanese people take a bath every night before sleeping. Even though I've usually taken only shower since I moved to the U.S., I used to take a bath every night when I was in Japan. Soaking a bath tab is one of the most important part of the day for Japanese people. That's why there are many bath salt products you can choose from at drugstores and supermarkets in Japan. When my husband and I visit Japan, we always purchase some bath salt products there. When we visited there, we bought this Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt at a drugstore, which was located pretty closed to my parents-in-law's home.
Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt

       If you have ever lived in Japan or really love Japanese products, you might know Rohto products. Rohto is one of famous Japanese companies and makes eye drops, lip balm, facial lotion and etc. Specially, Rohto Lycee eye drops and Rohto Hadalabo skin care lotion are some of their popular products outside Japan.

        Last month, I finally used up their bath salt. :) I'm going to share with you what the bath salt looks like.  
Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt

      There are many types of bath salt such as powder, tablets and liquid in Japan. This Rohto Mentholatum bath salt was turquoise blue liquid.
Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt
      When it is mixed with hot water, the water turns light green. It smelled good and never dried up my skin. :)  I found that this product has many positive reviews in Japan. Many people review that it's perfect for people who have dry atopic skin. It moisturizes your skin and relieves itchiness caused by dryness of skin.
Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt
     As far as I know, this product haven't sold in the U.S. yet. If you are planing on visiting Japan, you should check it out at drugstores. Actually, there are so many excellent bath salt products in Japan, you can check my previous entry, Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Bath Salt / Bath Additive Brands, before going there. :)
Rohto Mentholatum Bath Salt

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