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How to Cook Japanese Steamed Pork and Vegetable with Tajine Pot

Tajine Pot
      When my husband and I visited Japan about three years ago, we found tajine pot was on sale at Japanese supermarket there. I knew that tajine dishes had become a fad in Japan for years, so it was the one I always wanted to buy for a long time. That's why we bought it without a second thought. After coming back the U.S., we used it only a few times and completely forgot about it for over two years. While I was tidying my kitchen according to Konmari method, I found this pot from behind my kitchen cabinet. Since then, I have actually used it a several time. :) Tonight, we cooked Japanese steamed pork and vegetable with my tajine pot. Tajine is actually North African dish, but this dish was just like a Japanese nabe dish. It was very healthy and so delicious. :) It's very easy to cook. I'm going to share how to cook Japanese steamed pork and vegetable with you.

■What You Will Need
tajine pot
vegetable which you like such as bean sprouts, enoki mushrooms and cabbages.
thinly sliced pork (just like pork for shabushabu nabe)
ponzu sauce

1. Put your favorite vegetable in the tajine pot. Then cover with thinly sliced pork.
Japanese Nabe with Tajine Pot

2. Cover the lid. Cook it over medium heat.
Japanese Nabe with Tajine Pot

3. When pork is cooked, turn off the heat.
Japanese Nabe with Tajine Pot

4. Dip them in ponzu sauce, and Enjoy!
Ponzu Sauce

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