Saturday, May 28, 2016

Walking Around Our Neighborhood

     This evening, my husband and I walked around our neighborhood. Even though we moved into this neighborhood years ago, it was our first time to walk this trail today. It was so refreshing to walk new place. We found some beautiful flowers and wild animals there, so I took these photos with my iPhone. I should have taken my Canon camera to our walking today!

      We didn't know there were some puddles around our neighborhood.

      There was a pair of mallard ducks.

      While walking this trail, I noticed that the air was scented with white flowers.

      Do you know the name of these white flowers? I enjoyed the smell of these flowers. 

      I had never seen these red flowers before. I still couldn't figure out the name of these.

       These plants had red flowers and seeds in pods!

     We also saw some tiny humming birds singing and flying and very adorable rabbits running there. Next time, I would like to take my Canon camera to this trail. :)

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