Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting Bridgestone Tires at Costco

     Last Sunday, my husband and I went to Costco Tire Center to get new tires for his car. It's been many years since he got his tires at Costco last time, and he found that his tires needed to be replaced weeks ago. (By the way, I learned from him how to know when tires need replacing after moving to the U.S.) We have been satisfied with our tires and batteries purchased from Costco because they sell great products with great prices. We love that they provide lifetime maintenance service, which includes inflation pressure checks, tire balancing, tire rotations, as well as flat repairs.

     His old tires were Michelin, but this time he chose Bridgestone tires because there was a $70 off instant coupon with purchasing 4 Bridgestone tires. Bridgestone is a Japanese auto and truck parts manufacturer and was found in Fukuoka in 1931. Actually, our hometown is Fukuoka, Japan, and my uncle works for this company in Fukuoka indeed. Moreover, my sister used to go to the Bridgestone sport gym for exercise such as swimming, dancing and etc. Anyway, we really trust the quality of  Bridgestone tires. :)
Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422 Plus

     This time, Costco's technician recommended him Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422 Plus, which are more fuel efficient tires. His new tires were $425 including tax, balance, tire disposal and etc. :)
Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422 Plus

     We took his car to Costco Tire Center at 10 a.m., and it took 3 hours to get new tires installed. When we picked up his car at 1 p.m., we asked the technician if it was still available to get my tires rotated because I was going to bring my car to Costco for it anyway next week. My tires rotation was done at 5 p.m.! :) I was glad that getting his new tires and my tires' rotation were done at the same day!

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