Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Josh Woodward - Epilogue

     Yesterday, I uploaded my video, How to Make Thai Iced Coffee, on my YouTube channel. I try to update a coffee tutorial video every 2 to 3 weeks, but it's been a month since I uploaded my previous video!
     This time, I used Epilogue, one of songs of Josh Woodward, as background music. Like always, I would like to study about new vocabularies from the lyrics.

Music - "Epilogue" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Epilogue


These feet have carried me as far as I will go
Across the field to where the wind had ceased to blow
That day, when sorrow filled the air and all the blackbirds scattered everywhere
And you had gone as far as you would go

In my reflection, you are staring back at me
My eyes are mirrors of the dreams you used to see
But now I'm fumbling in the dark, where all the memories are far apart
And there I lost the forest for the trees

In the gloaming of the day
The words are darkening away

   Take another look
   There's no more pages in this book
   The epilogue was written in the dirt
   The story's at an end
   It's time to put away my pen
   And join the you by the earth

There was a tremble in the marrow of my bones
Distorted and contorted like a worn out megaphone
And through the bellow and the bluster, I was shaking, I was flustered
With a body full of star-crossed chromosomes

And through the clatter there emerged a single voice
A familiar sound I hadn't heard since I was just a boy
And all at once my fears were lifted as the echoes slowly drifted
To the center of the amplifying void

And I followed like a child, so carefree and so wild


Well there's music everywhere
The voices carry through the air
But I'm not listening

Today's Vocabularies

scattered 【 skǽtər 】: verb : (人や動物が)散り散りになる

gloaming 【 glóumiŋ 】: noun : たそがれ、薄暮

tremble 【 trémbl 】 : noun : 震え

distorted 【 distɔ́ːrtid 】 : adjective : ゆがめられた、ひずんだ

contorted : adjective : ねじ曲げられた

bellow 【 bélou 】:うなり声

emerge 【 imə́ːr 】: verb : 現れる

amplify 【 ǽmplifài 】: verb : 増大する

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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