Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Interesting Japanese Beauty Products at Tokyo Central

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, I went to Tokyo Central in Costa Mesa in the U.S. last weekend. This Japanese supermarket used to be Marukai supermarket, but Don Quijote, one of the most famous discount chain stores in Japan, purchased Marukai, and they opened Tokyo Central in 2013. When I lived in Japan, my husband and I sometimes went to Don Quijote which located near our previous home in Osaka. I heard that Don Quijote branches in Japan are also very popular for tourists because they sell varieties of products at reasonable prices, so tourists buy so many Japanese beauty products, Zojirushi stainless steel mugs, over counter medicines and etc for souvenirs there. If you are planning on visiting Japan, you should check Don Quijote there. Their branches are every where in Japan now.

     Anyway, I would like to share with you interesting Japanese beauty products selling at Tokyo Central, one of stores of Don Quijote.   
Tokyo Central
        These unique facial mask sheets have been pretty popular in Japan in recent years. These must be very fun to put on when you sleep over with friends. When you put Kabuki Face Mask on your face, you look like a kabuki actor. :)
Facial Mask Sheets
       This Kyojin Face Pack is the most popular one. :)  Of course, they moisturize your face well. By the way, Shingeki no Kyojin is one of popular Japanese animations now. I have never watched it but seen some Kyojin products on TV.
Facial Mask Sheets

     There were more unique facial mask sheets!
Facial Mask Sheets

Facial Mask Sheets

      This is a Geisha facial mask.
Pure Smile Geisha Facial Mask

    This is a cat facial mask.  
Pure Smile Cat Facial Mask

     However, I prefer LuLuLu facial mask sheets. As I mentioned in my previous entry, the Most Popular Facial Sheet Masks in Japan, LuLuLun facial sheet mask series have been popular in Japan.
LuLuLu Facial Mask Sheets

LuLuLu Facial Mask Sheet

     This time, I purchased a konjac sponge which I always wanted to buy in Japan. You might know that Konjac, as known as konnyaku and yam cake, is made of konnyaku potato. I sometimes cook healthy Japanese konjac dishes, but I have never used konjac as a beauty product before. Konjac sponges are also getting known in the U.S. and some konjac sponge products have many great reviews on Amazon US. I will review this konjac sponge through my blog some day. :)

     There were more of beauty products there. :) 

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