Friday, April 22, 2016

Learning Kanji Was Hard!

     Many people who study Japanese as a second language probably struggle with learning Japanese kanji. Even thought Japanese is my first language, learning kanji was not easy at all. When I was in the first grade at age 6 in Japan, I started learning kanji. There are numerous number of Japanese kanji, so students in Japan need to study it for many years. I studied kanji until I graduated from a high school. If truth be truth, even though I studied kanji for 12 years in Japan, I still find new kanji once in a while now. It's almost impossible to memorize all advanced Japanese kanji.

     When I was in elementary school, I didn't like studying. Students periodically needed to take kanji quizzes, but I really hated memorizing so many number of kanji. I thought it's impossible to memorize hundreds of kanji each time. My teacher told students that you needed to take a makeup quiz if you couldn't get a score of 80% and above. I always failed a kanji quiz and was required to take a makeup quiz. I thought it would be okay because I always got a very good score in a makeup quiz. :) I didn't really like memorizing studies such as kanji and history, but I was good at art, math and biology.

     Now, I don't think people should know all advanced kanji, but people must know all commonly used kanji like the ones at least Japanese high school level. It's because if you use only hiragana and katakana, you're Japanese level looks Japanese preschooler, but if you use more and more kanji, you look very smart. You will be capable of reading and writing in Japanese. You can truly enjoy more things in Japanese. :)

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