Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Whale Gave Birth Next to Whale Watching Boat

      Last week, while I was reading the Orange County Register news, I found this interesting article, Video: False killer whale gives birth next to whale-watching boat. Since I love seeing beautiful wild animals, I couldn't miss out on reading it!

     According to the O.C. Register, “The females came up right next to the boat and all started pushing at the side,” said Southern, of San Clemente. “Then you see this spurt of blood and you think they got something – but instead you see a baby pop out. He was about 2 1/2 feet-long and his fins were all folded together. He was lying on his side and flopping around like a fish.”

     I thought it's extremely rare to be able to see that a whale is giving birth just next to you! The tourists were very lucky. :) If you love marine mammals, You really should check these extremely rare whale watching videos! 

       By the way, as I mentioned in my previous entry, when my husband and I went to Dana Point for whale watching in 2013, we were able to see the whale's fin! The whale was swimming pretty close to the boat for a little while. It was so cool! This is my video which I recorded that day.

      Last year, we went to the Big Island, Hawaii and were able to swim with wild dolphins. It was truly amazing experience for me. :) This is my previous entry, Swimming with Wild Dolphins - Traveling the Big Island, Hawaii - Day 3-1/2. This is my video which I recorded in Hawaii.

    Now, I feel like I should go to beach to see beautiful wild animals. :)

       My entries related to wild animals can be seen here.

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