Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Is a Japanese Kanji Cool?

     I've sometimes seen people who have Japanese kanji tattoos on their arms in the U.S. It's pretty surprising me because I have never seen people in Japan have a kanji tattoo. Only few young people in Japan have small tattoos (but not kanji ones) as a part of their fashion, but it's usually not acceptable to show tattoos in public places such as onsen (public baths) and work places in Japan. Traditional Japanese tattoo is called irezumi (刺青) in Japanese. Irezumi is associated with yakuza, which is a kind of Japanese mafias. Because I used to work at hospitals in Japan for many years, I have met some yakuza patients there. (You know yakuza people also get sick sometimes.) They had very beautiful irezumi on all over their backs and arms. These irezumi never scared me actually, but I thought they were living in a different world. Anyway, when I see people in the U.S. wear kanji tattoos, these don't look cool to me at all. It's because kanji is just kanji. I don't have any favorite kanji indeed. To me, languages other than Japanese and English look more attractive. Because I only understand Japanese and English, other languages look like symbol or design to me. I think that's why people in Japan never have Japanese kanji tattoos.

     I will write more about it tomorrow. (I am running out of time.)

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