Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Make Gomoku Chirashi

    Tonight, my husband and I made gomoku chirashi again. As I mentioned in my previous entry, gomoku chirashi is a type of sushi you can easily make at home. Today, Heartful Chirashi was on sale at Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket in the U.S. This is just as same type of sushi ingredients as Ngatanien Sushi Taro, a set of Japanese gomoku chirashi. Nagatanien is one of the most famous food companies in Japan. This set of gomoku chirashi ingredients, Heartful Chirashi is made by Mitsui Food Company which is also famous and was established in Japan in 1928. Anyway, I'm going to share what are inside and how to make gomoku chirashi with you.

Heartful Chirashi
     This includes two sets of chirashi zushi ingredients. The packages written "のりごま" have nori and sesame seeds. These are 4 servings of ingredients, so we used only half of them.
4 Servings
       The clear pack has bamboo, carrot, shitake mushroom, vinegar, sugar and so on.

    I just mixed this pack of ingredients with fresh steamed rice. 


     Then, I topped with some sliced cucumbers, thinly shredded egg omelet, grape tomatoes and the mixture of tuna and mayonnaise. I sprinkled nori and sesame seeds over it.
Gomoku Chirashi
     Finally, I topped with some Japanese mayonnaise. :) Enjoy!
Gomoku Chirashi

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