Thursday, April 21, 2016

Japanese and English Are Just Languages I Use Everyday

     In my yesterday's entry, I wrote that Japanese kanji is not cool to me at all. It's because I fully understand Japanese language. Kanji is just some of Japanese letters to me. Let's say if you are not Japanese, when you open up Japanese newspaper, you might have a wow moment. It's because these Japanese letters look beautiful design to you. How about English newspaper? When you open English newspaper, will you wow as well? No, I won't. However, about 8 years ago I didn't understand any English at all and thought English newspaper was very cool. Now, Japanese and English are just languages I use everyday, so I don't have any wow moment for both languages.

    These are just advertisements of my local supermarkets, but people who don't understand English might think these advertisements are so cool.

    Which language look cool to you?  

English: Organic Cucumber 99 cents each
Japanese : 無農薬 有機栽培 胡瓜 1本 99円

English : Sweet Seedless Watermelon  $3.99 each
Japanese : 種なし西瓜  1玉 399円

      When I send packages to Japan, I always use L.A. Times newspapers as packing materials because reusing newspaper is environment-friendly and it's free (I pay annual subscription fee though). I've sometimes received comments, "Thanks! By the way, English newspaper was so cool!"  I was surprised at those comments and realized that I used to feel the same way.

     Tomorrow, I will write about my episodes of studying kanji.

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