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Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 21 - 30)

     In my previous entries, I shared top 20 most popular Japanese foods which were chosen by foreign tourists in Japan. If you are planning on visiting Japan, you should check them out. :)

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Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 11 - 20)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 21 - 30)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 31 - 40)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 41- 50)
     Today, I'm going to share the rest of popular Japanese foods (ranked as top 21 to 30) with you. :) 

No.21 Grilled Beef Tongue, Gyutan (牛タン)
      Have you ever had gyutan? Gyutan is grilled beef tongue. You might think that eating beef tongue is insane, but I'm sure that you will be surprised at how delicious gyutan is when you eat gyutan for your first time! Gyutan is originated in Sendai in 1948, but now you can enjoy gyutan everywhere in Japan. You can find gyutan at most Japanese yakiniku restaurants in Japan. If you are living in Southern California, you can also enjoy having authentic gyutan at a gyutan restaurant, Gyutan Tsukasa, which is located in food court of Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket in Costa Mesa. My husband and I love their gyutan lunch box.

No.22 Miso Soup (味噌汁) 
       I think miso soup is very famous Japanese soup. If you have ever gone to a Japanese restaurant, you have probably had miso soup there. Miso soup is Japanese traditional soup, and many Japanese people eat miso soup every day. Actually, I had miso soup almost every day in Japan when I lived there. Making miso soup is very easy. You can check my previous entry, How to Cook Miso Soup.   
Miso Soup

No.23 Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)
      I watched Japanese TV show that some tourists in Japan were impressed at how delicious okonomiyaki was, and they were buying ingredients of okonomiyaki such as sauce, flour, dried bonito flakes and Japanese mayonnaise during traveling Japan in order to make ones in their own countries. If you love okonomiyaki, you should make ones at home because it's very easy! My husband and I sometimes make ones for lunch. :)

No.24 Soba (蕎麦)
     Soba is Japanese traditional noodle made from buckwheat flour. You can choose from cold noodle or hot noodle. I usually order cold one at soba restaurants, but I have hot one at home on New Year's Eve. It's traditional that Japanese have soba on the day before New Year's Day and it's called toshikoshi soba. I shared how to cook toshikoshi soba with you in my another entry
Cold Soba Noodle

No.25 Bowl, Don (丼)
     Japan has a lot of rice bowl dishes such as oyako don (egg and chicken on rice), kaisen don (fresh sashimi on rice), katsu don (tonkatsu on rice) and gyu don (simmered beef on rice). I really love all of them, but I always eat gyudon when I visit Japan because it's very inexpensive (about 300 yen)! You can check my previous entry, Sukiya - Beef Bowl Restaurant in Japan.    
Oyako Don

No.26 Pasta Dishes (パスタ)
     Pasta dishes are traditional Italian cuisine, but Japanese people also sometimes eat pasta dishes. Actually, Japan has unique pasta dishes such as Naporitan, tarako spaghetti and wafu spaghetti. When I was in a high school, my friends and I sometimes went to Japanese pasta restaurant after school. I loved wafu spaghetti which had mushrooms, green shiso leaves, kizami nori, sesame seeds, soy sauce and so on. I also sometimes make Naporitan with ketchup at home. 

No.27 Omurice (オムライス)
       Omurice is fried rice wrapped in a thin sheet of fried egg. You can find omurice at many yoshoku restaurants, and you can also see some omurice restaurants such as Pomunoki (ポムの樹) and Tamagotowatashi (卵と私). They serve so many omurice dishes! I make omurice at home once in a while. :)

No.28 Deep Fried Seafood, Seafood Fry (シーフードフライ)
        Some tourists in Japan find a liking for ebi fry, deep-fried shrimp. When winter has come, I love to eat kaki fry, deep-fried oysters because it's the best season to have oysters. :) I also love deep-fried fish. :)    
Seafood Fry Dish

No.29 Steamed Rice, Gohan (ごはん)
       When you travel Japan, you will be probably surprised at how delicious steamed rice is. You might know that Japanese people often eat steamed rice. Indeed, I eat one 365 days a year and cannot live without rice. Obviously, every Japanese family has a rice cooker, so many Japanese electronic manufactures have been trying to make the best rice cookers which make truly perfect steamed rice. You can find rice cooker at pretty reasonable price, starting from 5,000 yen, in Japan. However, some Japanese rice cookers are super expensive, which is nearly 100,000 yen. You might think it's insane, but Japanese people who own such a fancy rice cooker say that it's worth the investment of your money. Japanese rice cookers are pretty popular for Asian tourists, and I also would like to get a perfect rice cooker which will be more expensive than my current rice cooker when I visit Japan next time. :)  
Steamed Rice

No.30 Oden (おでん)
       When you walk into convenience stores in Japan during winter, you can easily find oden right next to registers there. Possibly, you can even find a can of oden in vending machine in Japan. Oden vending machine is pretty rare though. Oden is a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as fish cakes, Japanese radishes, konjyaku and eggs. Each oden is about 100 yen, which is very inexpensive. :) When I lived in Japan, my husband sometimes bought ones at convenience stores, and I also liked homemade oden. I just bought what I liked such as kinchaku (巾着), mochi in deep-fried tofu, at supermarket. Then, I made oden with oden soup mix.

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Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 11 - 20)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 21 - 30)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 31 - 40)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 41- 50)

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