Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tacos Sinaloa, Mexican Restaurant

     Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Tacos Sinaloa, a Mexican restaurant in Santa Ana. When we were passing through the road in front of this restaurant, it really caught my eye because the exterior of the restaurant was filled with a lot of Christmas pictures. I think no one can ignore such an excessively colorful restaurant. Because we were really hungry at the time, we decided to try this restaurant for our first time.
Tortilla Chips
       I ordered asada taco, beef taco, for $1.85 and camaron taco, shrimp taco, for $2.50. If truth be told I had ordered fish taco instead of shrimp taco, but it ended up being great actually. :) I don't usually order shrimp taco but found a liking for it. :)
Tacos (Beef & Shrimp)

      My husband ordered this wet carnitas burrito, wet pork burrito, for $7.99. It was very huge! It had a plenty of cheese on it and tasted great!
Wet Burrito (Pork)
         I also ordered this Mexican coffee, cafe de olla, which is made of coffee, cinnamon and piloncillo. Piloncillo is unrefined whole cane sugar. It was actually pretty good! It's not too spicy nor excessively sweet. I would like to make it at home and will share it in my future video through my YouTube channel next year. :)
Cafe de Olla

Tacos Sinaloa
1430 E 17th St 
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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