Saturday, December 26, 2015

Haul - Very Popular Inexpensive Casio Watch

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, Casio watches have been incredibly popular in Japan because fashionable designs and reasonable prices. Inexpensive Casio watch is called "Cheap Casio" in Japan. Many Japanese people uploaded photos of their Casio watches on Instagram. You can check the Cheap Casio look at #チープカシオ or #チプカシ on Instagram. After checking Instagram photos, I also read its reviews on Amazon US. Some people reviewed that their watches have been working for 5 years so far. I was impressed at its review because I used to believe that cheap watches usually work for only a few years. Eventually, I decided to order this Casio watch, Casio LQ142E9A. :) This was about $10 on Amazon US! Surprisingly, it was more affordable than one in Japan. I think it's because it's too popular in Japan. :)
Casio LQ142E9A

Casio LQ142E9A

      It's a casual watch but also very chic! It was actually better than I expected. :) As I mentioned in my previous entry, Casio has so many kinds of inexpensive watches. I also would like to get other designs of their watches in the future. :)
Casio LQ142E9A

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