Monday, December 28, 2015

Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2015

     Starbucks released their Starbucks Reserve Christmas of 2015 about a month ago. On Christmas Day, my husband and I went to our local Clover Reserve Starbucks to have their special Reserve Christmas. At the store, it was not on the menu board. Because Reserve coffee is always small-lot of rare coffee and limited, it's sold out pretty fast. However, we asked barista if they were still serving Reserve Christmas Just in case. Eventually, we got this Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2015! Yay!
Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2015

        According to Starbucks, this lot of aged Sumatra, aged to 5 years, is different than those selected for our other holiday options. It is less rustic, evoking a softer, sweeter flavor that serves as the perfect complement to our Costa Rica coffee. The coffees selected from our farm have an abundance of wonderful sweet orange-like flavors. Together, they create an alchemy of flavors. From the first sip, you taste each component as if it were alone in your cup before the coffees join up in a gift of flavors that taste like Christmas.

      Since we had their anniversary blend coffee this year, we've been really into aged coffee. This Reserve Christmas was also used aged coffee beans. :)))
Starbucks Reserve Christmas 2015

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