Monday, December 21, 2015

99 Cents Only Store Haul - 2016 Calendar & 99 Cent Recipe Book Review

      Yesterday, my husband and I went to 99 Cents Only Store to get a 2016 calendar. As I mentioned in my previous entries, we purchase our calendar there every year. 

      We finally chose this beautiful beach photo calendar for 2016 because it reminds me of our traveling Hawaii. We had a great time on the Big Island, Hawaii on New Year's day this year. :) I hope we can travel there again soon.
2016 Beach Photo Calendar

2016 Beach Photo Calendar

2016 Beach Photo Calendar

         By the way, when I bought the 2015 calendar there about a year ago, we also bought these three cooking books for 99 cents each as I mentioned it before. I tried some new recipe from the books this year and am really satisfied with having purchased these books. I cooked guacamole and chicken tortilla soup refereed to Classic Recipes Mexican Cooking, and I cooked seafood linguine, chicken cacciatore, mushroom risotto and chicken & tomato pasta referred to Classic Recipes Italian Cooking. Although I didn't try any American recipe. However, I actually cooked some favorite ones more than two times such as tortilla soup and mushroom risotto. :))) These were really worth more than 99 cents for me! I really would like to try more recipes from the books next year!
Classic Recipes Cooking Books

      If you love cooking, I highly recommend these books. Each book has 21 recipes with beautiful photos, and the recipes are not complicated at all. All recipes I have tried from the books so far were delicious and tasted pretty authentic to me. :)) I looked at book section at 99 Cents Only Store yesterday, but they didn't carry these any more, but you can still find them on Amazon. :)

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