Saturday, December 5, 2015

DSW Haul

      Today, my husband and I went to DSW because I received a $10 off coupon with purchasing $10 more through email this week. :) I really love DSW Rewards program because it was free to sign it up, and they sometimes send me such a great coupons. :)
District at Tustin Legacy
       These days, I've often worn my favorite beanie, Banana Republic Cable Knit Cap, which I bought at Desert Hills Premium Outlets two years ago. I thought that it's time to get a new hat. Before going to DSW today, I had already decided to purchase a floppy hat there because it's a huge trend right now. :) If the truth be told, I really love hats because those are very useful on bad hair days.
      After trying on many hats, I finally decided to purchase this Kelly & Katie brown floppy hat there. It's so beautiful and classy. It was originally $38 but was on sale for $29.95. It ended up being $19.95 after using a $10 coupon.
Kelly & Katie Floppy Hat - Brown

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