Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Clover Reserve Starbucks - Hawaii Ka'u Reserve Coffee & Starbucks Christmas Deals

     This morning, my husband and I went to a Clover Reserve Starbucks to have their Christmas Reserve Coffee. We went to a new Starbucks which is located a little far away from our home. Unexpectedly, we found that his Starbucks still had their Hawaii Ka'u Reserve Coffee, which our local Starbucks has run out a while ago! Because of that, we changed our minds without a second thought and ordered Hawaii Ka'u Reserve Coffee instead of Christmas one. :)

      I thought today was a really lucky day! :)))
Starbucks Hawaii Ka'u Reserve Coffee
        I'm sure that we are going to have Starbucks Christmas Reserve soon! I can't wait. :)))
Starbucks Christmas Reserve

     The Christmas is just around the corner, so they marked down these 2015 Christmas Advent Calendar. It was originally $44.95 but was $24.99 today! 
Starbucks 2015 Christmas Advent Calendar

       This Verismo Coffee Machine was originally $149 but was on sale for $59! In addition, you can also get a box of Verismo Coffee Pods with purchasing the machine at Starbucks. I think this great deal won't last so long.
Verismo Coffee Machine

       I always enjoy watching their decors because each Starbucks has different decors and pictures. 

       By reading the descriptions in these pictures at Starbucks, I could learn something more about coffee.  :)

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