Sunday, October 11, 2015

T&K Food Market, Asian Supermarket

       After having lunch at Pho Lantern Cafe in Westminster, my husband and I went to T&K Food Market, which is also called San Young Market. I'm going to share what I bought there with you.

        I always wanted to make Thai coffee at home for a long time! These were something I wanted to buy at Thai supermarket. I was glad when I found these at this store because I have never seen something like these at my local Asian supermarkets.

      This is Thai coffee mix powder which contains coffee, corn and soy beans. It was $2.79 there.

       In order to brew Thai coffee, I need this coffee strainer. I bought it for $1.99 there.
      I hope I will share how to brew Thai coffee soon. :)

T&K Food Market
9681 Bolsa Ave 
Westminster, CA 92684

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