Saturday, October 3, 2015

50% Off Canned Ground Coffee at Whole Foods! Love Fest Deal

      Today, my husband and I went to Whole Foods and looked at their advertisement as usual. I found that their 365 ground coffee cans were 50% off! These days, I've been only purchasing whole coffee beans in order to have very fresh coffee, so reluctantly, I passed this deal this time.  However, if you prefer ground coffee, you should go to Whole Foods and get their 365 ground coffee! It's because this is a super great deal, which will continue through October 13. :))
      I'm going to share with you which ground coffee cans were on sale today.

      Whole Foods 365 Italian Roast, 28.5 oz., was $4.99!

      Whole Foods 365 Full City Roast, 33.9 oz, was $5.49!

      Whole Foods Vienna Roast, 28.5 oz, was $4.99!

       Whole Foods 365 Spanish Roast, 11 oz, was $1.99!
       Whole Foods 365 New England Roast, 11 oz, was $2.49!

      Whole Foods 365 Cinnamon Roast, 11 oz, was $2!
      Whole Foods 365 City Roast, 11 oz, was $2!
      Whole Foods 365 American Roast, 11 oz, was $1.99!

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