Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Clover Reserve Starbucks - Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain

        Last week, my husband called and told me that he finally found Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain. We don't usually buy coffee after evening, but he bought it anyway. It's because Starbucks sells their Reserve coffee in a very limited quantity, and expensive ones are gone fast. You might know that the higher price of coffee, the more rarity of coffee. We noticed that Specifically Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kona coffee sold out very quickly. Indeed, we haven't seen Jamaica Blue Mountain at any our local Starbucks branches since that day. Anyway, we were glad to have this Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain! :))) It was one of the best coffee we ever had! Once you taste their Reserve coffee, you might never go back to their normal brewed coffee.

 Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain

 Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain
  This coffee was grown beneath the peak of the 7,400-foot Blue Ridge. The dew, along with plentiful rainfall and fertile soil, helps create ideal growing conditions. After the harvest, each bean is scrutinized and certified to ensure nothing short of the highest quality. The result: a complex cup with layers of citrus flavor and a hint of cocoa.

 Starbucks Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain

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