Thursday, October 22, 2015

What I Bought in Seattle, Souvenirs for Ourselves

      My husband and I traveled Seattle this year, and we bought some souvenirs for ourselves there. I'm going to share what we bought there with you. :)

     While we were walking around Pike Place Market, we found this beautiful clear plastic fridge magnet there. The landscape of Pike Place Market was pictured on this magnet. The magnet reminds me of our traveling there.  
Pike Place Market Magnet
           By the way, these are photos I took at Pike Place Market that day.
Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

         At the Original Starbucks, we bought these three exclusive mugs. These mugs are only available at this first Starbucks, where Starbucks started.
Exclusive Mugs at the Original Starbucks

       This First Starbucks Store Mug was made in U.S.A. It has the Starbucks original brown logo.
The Original Starbucks Mug, White

      This First Starbucks brown mug also has the Starbucks original logo.
The Original Starbucks Mug, Brown

       Because we've been collecting Starbucks You Are Here mugs, we really wanted to get this Pike Place Market mug! :)))
Starbucks You Are Here Collection Pike Place Mug
      By the way, this is the photo I took at the entrance of the Original Starbucks. You can see the Starbucks original logos.
The Original Starbucks

     I bought this Starbucks You Are Here Collection Seattle mug at Starbucks in Downtown Seattle.
Starbucks You Are Here Collection Seattle Mug

        At Boeing Factory tour, we watched partly-assembled airplanes, Boeing 747, 777, and 787. Then, we bought this fridge magnet of Boeing 787 at their gift shop.  
Boeing 787 Fridge Magnet

       We bought this Boeing mouse pad, which is something I use every day.
Boeing 787-8 Mouse Pad

      We also bought this Boeing navy blue t-shirt. :))
Boeing T-Shirt

       This Boeing fleece blanket was very handy and warmed me up at Kerry Park during watching the night views of Downtown Seattle skyline. :)))
Boeing Fleece Blanket

        At Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, we found this Starbucks Reserve copper stainless coffee scoop, which is only available at this store. We've used this shiny coffee scoop every day since we came back from Seattle. :)
Starbucks Reserve Copper Stainless Coffee Scoop

Starbucks Reserve Copper Stainless Coffee Scoop

       If the truth be told, we bought this Starbucks silver stainless coffee scoop, which is right in this picture, a year ago and really loved it too. However, we mainly use the copper one now. :)  The silver stainless one was selling at many Starbucks branches back then, but now this was no longer available at Starbucks. You can only find one at Amazon. As you might know, most Starbucks merchandise is exclusive for only limited time.
Starbucks Coffee Scoops

Starbucks Coffee Scoops

      At EMP Museum we bought this guitar fridge magnet because we were impressed at the sculpture of a great number of guitars there.  
EMP Museum Guitar Fridge Magnet

     By the way, I took the photo of the sculpture of guitars at EMP Museum.
EMP Musuem

        At the gift shop in Space Needle, we bought this Seattle skyline fridge magnet.
Seattle Skyline Fridge Magnet
        By they way, these are photos of Downtown Seattle skyline, we took from Kerry Park.
The view of Downtown Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

The view of Downtown Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

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