Thursday, October 29, 2015

Must-Watch Shiseido Japan Commercial

       A few weeks ago, I found that new Shiseido Japan Commercial was in the news. The scene of this commercial looks like a girl's high school in Japan.

      I don't know about your country, but Japan has some girl's high schools and boy's high schools. My high school was a coeducational school, but majorities of students at my high school were girls, so my high school classmates were all girls indeed. Actually, this is pretty common in Japan. Because high school is not mandatory education in Japan although most Japanese people graduate high school. That's why at age 15, Japanese people need to choose high schools they want to go and take the exams to enroll the schools. Some high schools are popular for girls and vice versa.

     Anyway, you can watch this surprising Shiseido commercial. In the book which the last student is reading, it reads, "Did you notice that there was/were a boy/boys in this room?" (Grammatically, Japanese doesn't distinguish between singular and plural.)

        I didn't notice that all students and teacher were men! The scene is actually boy's high school! Boys can be prettier by makeup. Now, you know the power of makeup. :)))

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