Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Halloween Pumpkins in 2015

        This year, my husband and I made four kinds of Halloween pumpkins and uploaded Halloween pumpkins DIY tutorial videos. Specifically, I really liked the spooky Jack-o'-lantern with dry ice fog! Anyway, I'm going to share all our Halloween pumpkins with you. I hope you will enjoy our Halloween pumpkins! :)
Our Halloween Pumpkins in 2015

How To Make A Spooky Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern with Dry Ice

How To Make A Halloween Lantern with A Power Drill

How To Make Halloween Pumpkin Mask with A Target Halloween Decorating Kit

How To Make No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

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     These are my entries sharing my Halloween pumpkins.
 Our Halloween Pumpkins 2015

 Our Halloween Pumpkins 2014

 Our Halloween Pumpkins 2013

 Our Halloween Pumpkins 2012

 Our Halloween Pumpkins 2011

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