Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How To Make a Jack-O'-Lantern, Starbucks Siren Logo

       Yesterday, I uploaded this video, How to Make a Starbucks Jack-O'-Lantern, on my YouTube channel. This was Halloween lantern my husband and I made last year.

       Last year, we uploaded DIY video for this lantern only in Japanese. I wanted to upload the video in English, but we were too busy to make it. (Beside all that I wouldn't have made it until Halloween last year even if I had tried to make the English video!)  However, this year, we made Halloween lanterns well in advance to share tutorial videos with you. I have already made four Halloween videos this year, and I still had time to edit this Starbucks lantern video until Halloween! That's why I finally made English version! :)  I hope you will like it. :))

      By the way, this is the video we uploaded in Japanese last year.

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