Friday, March 6, 2015

Garrett Popcorn from Chicago, for the First Time in a Year!

      My husband was on his business trip in Chicago a week ago, and he bought this Garrett Popcorn for me. As I mentioned in my previous entry, a year ago, he also bought this popcorn for his first time during his business trip, and it was the best popcorn we ever had. :) That's why I looked forward to being able to have Garrett Popcorn again for the first time in a year.
Garrett Popcorn from Chicago
       He chose the medium size of Chicago Mix, which combines sweet caramel crisp with savory cheese corn. This flavor is our favorite one. :)
Garrett Popcorn Chicago Mix

       He took some pictures with his smart phone to show me the cityscape of Chicago. He told me that it was so cold, and someone had told him that six inches of snow fell in Chicago that day.



      He took the picture of an ice-covered river there! I was surprised at how cold Chicago was.

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