Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sony Action Cam Review and Videos

         Before my husband and I were traveling Hawaii, we bought Sony Action Cambecause we wanted to record wild dolphins underwater. While waterproof cameras are usually pretty expensive such as GoPro, Sony Action Cam is much cheaper and does a pretty good job. We were really satisfied with its performance.

       We noticed that Sony Action Cam isn't only useful underwater, but it also works well everywhere with its wide-angle lens. While we were driving to La Jolla, we recorded videos with Sony Action Cam. Last night, I uploaded my YouTube video which I recorded with Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V. (*Last 10 seconds of this video were recorded with Canon SX50 HS.) 

        This is my YouTube video I recorded underwater with Sony Action Cam.

        Because I upload my blog everyday, cameras are very important for my everyday life. This Sony Action Cam has become another essential item for me. :)

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