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How to Make Flan, the Easiest Flan Recipe!

      Last Sunday, I made these flans at home because I wanted to use up milk in my refrigerator. :) When I lived in Japan, I used to buy Japanese flan at supermarkets or convenience stores. Specifically, I always bought one at convenience store on my way to the hospital for my night shift. It was my midnight dessert. After moving to U.S., I only found Japanese flan at Japanese supermarkets, but it was three times more expensive than ones in Japan. That's why I decided make homemade flan and have done it many times since I moved here. This recipe is very easy and ingredients are very simple. I'm going to share the easiest flan recipe with you. :)   (By the way, my previous entry about Japanese flan App can be seen here.)
How to Make Flan, the Easiest Recipe!

Ingredients (4 servings)

2 cups of milk
4 large eggs (beaten)
6 tablespoons of sugar
4 tablespoons of granulated brown sugar

1. Mix beaten eggs and sugar, and stir them well with a whisk. Then, add milk. Stir mixture well.

2. Strain mixture through a fine tea strainer into your favorite mugs.

3. Cover the mouth of the mugs with foil.

4. Boil a large pan. Turn off the heat, and place the mugs into boiling water.
5. Cover the lid and turn on the heat. Cook over low heat for 15 minutes.

6. Turn off the heat and wait for another 15 minutes.

7. Take off the mugs from the pan. Let them cool in room temperature. Then, chill the mugs for over four hours in the refrigerator. Now, you are ready to eat!

      You can eat plain flan now, but you can also add either granulated brown sugar, caramel sauce, whipped cream, or sweet bean paste. I made a crispy caramel on top of the flan. I'm going to share how to make it with you.
8. Sprinkle brown sugar on flan.
How to Make Flan, the Easiest Recipe!

9. Caramelize sugar on flan by heating with torch until sugar is melted and light golden brown.
How to Make Flan, the Easiest Recipe!

How to Make Flan, the Easiest Recipe!

10. Enjoy! :)

How to Make Flan, the Easiest Recipe!

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