Tuesday, March 3, 2015

EL Super Mexican Food Deli

      Yesterday, I went to LAX to pick up my husband, who came back from a business trip. We hadn't eaten lunch yet so were very hungry. On our way home, we found EL Super, which is a Mexican supermarket. We decided to stop there to purchase aguas frescas, Mexican fresh drink, but ended up ordering lunch there. We asked a staff who worked at deli about their foods, and he let us try sampling.

         We were interested in this green drink, pina y espinaca, and asked what was in it. He told us this was spinach and pineapple juice. He offered us some sample of it. It was slightly sweet and had spinach taste. It was pretty good actually, and my husband liked it. However, we ended up ordering the white one, horchata.

        We purchased Carnitas Burrito for $4.99. It was huge and tasted so good!

         Aguas frescas horchata was $1.29. This drink is our favorite. It had cinnamon taste.
Aguas Frescas Horchata


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