Monday, October 16, 2017

Shopping Japanese Beauty Products Might Be Difficult for You - What Should You Do?

     Last weekend, my husband and I went to a Japanese supermarket. While I was passing through the beauty aisle, a young woman asked me about Japanese beauty product. I helped her to choose Japanese facial cleanser.
Shiseido Perfect Whip
      She showed me a Japanese beauty article in English through her smartphone. She says, "This one looks like this. I think it's a good one." I thought that Japanese beauty blog might be helpful, but it's still difficult for her to find a perfect product. Japanese supermarkets in the U.S. have a limited selection of Japanese beauty products, and I think it's pretty hard to find what you really look for. Amazon and Ebay usually have more Japanese beauty products than Japanese supermarkets do.

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Find Beauty Blogs in Your Native Language
       I remembered that when I moved to the U.S. from Japan, I wanted to buy deep conditioning hair mask at Target because my favorite Shiseido Fino Hair Mask, which I brought from Japan, was running out, but I eventually didn't buy any hair mask because I had no idea which one I should choose. I couldn't read English at all back then and didn't know how good it was and how to use it. (That's why I understand how she felt in the Japanese supermarket.) Then, I found some beauty blogs in Japanese sharing review on U.S. beauty products, and it was helpful for the beginning of my U.S. life. (However, I still cannot find a good deep conditioning hair mask here, and I gave up looking for it many years ago. I eventually knew that I can live without it. :))
Shiseido Fino Hair Mask

Try Google Translate App
     If you look for Japanese beauty products and cannot read Japanese at all, I recommend you to try Google Translate app. You might think, "Translate app is useless!" It used to be so, but Google Translate app has been improving. You just need to take a picture of the product you want to read on, and they translate it into your native language. You can get what is writing on the product.  When I wanted to buy apple vinegar at Korean supermarket, I had no idea which one was apple vinegar because all products had only Korean language. "This one looks like vinegar and has an apple picture, but is it really apple vinegar?" I used Google Translate app there and finally found the one. :)  However, if you are learning the language, do not use Google Translate for your study. It doesn't help you. ;)   If you are learning Japanese, you can check out my previous entry, Japanese Vocabularies You Should Know When You Buy Skincare Products in Japan.


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