Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Most Unusual Restaurant I Have Ever Been in Japan - Prison Restaurant The Lock-Up

      Halloween is just around the corner!

      When I lived in Osaka, Japan, my friends and I went to the most terrifying restaurant, The Lock-Up (監獄レストラン ザ・ロックアップ). One of my friends told me that she had gone to the Lock-Up with her friends and it had been very fun. (She didn't say how she enjoyed the restaurant though.) She said, "I wanted to go there with you guys! How about having her birthday party there? I'll make a reservation for it!" She looked so excited somehow.

      On the day we had my friend's birthday party, we (five people) met up in front of the restaurant. We told the restaurant staff we had a reservation that day. The staff who was in a police costume, said, "Five suspects are arrested!"

       The restaurant looked like a dark spooky jail. We knew that it was not a regular restaurant!

      The staff took us to a cell, where we would have a birthday party.

       Anyway, we decided to order drinks. However, their drinks looked insane!

      We also ordered some foods there, but I remember that the foods tasted just so-so. I think it's because I couldn't taste the foods in the dimly lit cell-like room.  

      Suddenly, the terrifying horror music began! The staff announced, "Some dangerous zombies have just escaped from the jail!!"  Zombies run through the dark restaurants, and they suddenly showed up in front of our room. It was very scary! We screamed in fear! 

       We thought that the terrifying show ended, but one of zombies suddenly came into our room with a birthday cake. My friend whose birthday that day was started crying in fear!  

     Overall, I really enjoyed this unusual restaurant (My friend cried there though.), but if someone ask me to go there again, I would say, "No!"  It's because it was too scary! ;) 

      This terrifying restaurant, The Lock-Up, might be a perfect for Halloween season, but it's actually like that scary all year round. If you are interested in this unusual restaurant, you should try it in Japan. The restaurant has now six branches in Japan.

Prison Restaurant The Lock-Up

Osaka : 大阪府大阪市北区堂山町4-12 白馬車ビルPart1
Hakubasha Building Part 1
4-12 Doyama-cho 
Kita-ku Osaka city
Osaka, Japan

Tokyo :  東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-16-3 新宿スクエアビル6~7F
6-7 F Shinjyuku Square Building
1-16-3 Kabuki-cho
Tokyo, Japan

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