Saturday, September 3, 2016

Starbucks 2016 Anniversary Collection

     September is a special month for Starbucks lovers because it's Starbucks Anniversary season! Every year, they release some limited Anniversary collection such  as coffee beans and drink wears. Yesterday, my husband told me that Starbucks finally started selling their 2016 Anniversary Collection at only few stores. I think many Starbucks branches haven't started selling Anniversary Collection yet. Today, he took me to the Starbucks branch to purchase some drink wears. :) I'm going to share what they were selling at the store with you.
Starbucks 2016 Anniversary Collection

Starbucks 2016 Anniversary Collection

    The packages of Starbucks 2016 Anniversary blend coffee beans looked the same as its 2015 Anniversary blend ones to me.   
Starbucks 2016 Anniversary Collection

     The Starbucks Siren's crown was pictured on white mugs, and there was an etched Siren logo on blue mugs. 
Starbucks 2016 Anniversary Collection Mugs
      I think the left ceramic travel mugs were inspired by their 2015 Golden Scales Anniversary Mugs, and the white ceramic travel mugs were inspired by their 2015 Anniversary Crown Travelers.
Starbucks 2016 Anniversary Collection
      This one is so pretty. :)))

    These were not Anniversary Collection, but the Color Block Double Wall Traveler was so cute. :)

      I'll share with you what I purchased today next time. :)

      By the way, I saw Pumpkin Spice Latte was finally on their menu today. :)

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