Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Which Plastics Can Be Recycled?

     I have been trying to separate recyclable from non-recyclable trash as much as I can since I moved to the U.S. However, when it came to plastic, it's not that simple. Plastic can be recyclable but not all of them. It depends on your local collection point's facilities. I went to see the dump site in my apartment to know what can be recyclable.

     In my area, only plastic #1 and 2 can be recyclable.

     I checked the number on the plastic bottles in my household.

      The bottom of the bottle, you can identify that this is plastic #2.

     My mouse wash bottle was plastic #1.

     These shampoo bottles were plastic #2, which can be recyclable.

     This peanut butter spread container was plastic #1.

      This supplement container was plastic #1.

     This bathroom cleaner bottle was plastic #2.

     This hair style container was plastic #2.

     This facial cleanser container was plastic #1.

     This body lotion container was plastic #1.

     However, there are still many plastic which cannot be recyclable. While other shampoo bottles were recyclable, this Clear shampoo bottle cannot be recyclable. This bottle was plastic #7. :(

    This the Body Shop body butter container was plastic #5. :(

      Now, I can identify which plastics can be recycled by checking the number on the containers. Just make sure that you need to empty and rinse containers before recycling them. :)

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