Saturday, January 9, 2016

My YouTube Video Got One Million Views!

       Yesterday, one of my YouTube videos finally got one million views in total! When I decided to make this video two years ago, I didn't expect that it would be watched so many times. (My most videos were not popular, so I expected that it would get 100 views someday. ) I just thought this hack was pretty useful for me, and it might be helpful to someone else too. Most viewers of this video have been from US, India and Thailand. Indian and Thai bananas must be delicious! :)))

      Overall, I am really glad that this video have been watched so many times. However, as it got popular, some trolls left mean comments, and someone stole my video and re-uploaded it. I have to deal with those things now. :( 

      These are my YouTube Channels.


RINGO's Coffee Channel :


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