Sunday, January 31, 2016

How To Cook Perfect Doneness Steaks

     My husband cooked really delicious steaks for dinner about weeks ago, so I asked him how to make such a perfect steaks because I saw that he was making hot water in a large pan and used a thermometer to check water temperature. I wondered why he used hot water and the thermometer to cook steaks. He told me that he found this video and tried the recipe. This video shows the best way to cook a steak. We used to find it difficult to cook a steak with very thick beef, but now we can cook perfect doneness steaks because of this video!
      This video shows how to cook steaks with sous vide, which is a cooking method in which food is sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a hot water bath. We don't have an immersion circulator, which is usually needed for this method, but he tried this recipe with using hot water and thermometer. Sous vide method takes more time to make steaks than a traditional way, but it's really worth your time. You can make truly delicious and perfect doneness steaks!

      I found that Sprouts was having on sale for aged beef for $2.99 this week! I think it's the most inexpensive price for beef. We bought some beef at our local Sprouts yesterday, and he cooked steaks with the sous vide method again tonight!

      The steaks were so good and perfect! Indeed, I thought they were restaurant quality steaks. :)

       If you would like to try to cook perfect steaks with sous vide method. You might want to check out this really cool kitchen device which connects to your smart phone!

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