Friday, January 15, 2016

Ella Fitzgerald - I'm A Poached Egg Without Toast

      Today, I watched ER and found this catchy song, I'm A Poached Egg Without Toast. I found that this song was also used in Kiss Me, Stupid, an American comedy film in 1964. 


I'm a poached cake without a piece of toast
Yorkshire pudding without a beef to roast
I'm a haunted house that hasn't got a ghost
When I'm without you

I'm a mousetrap without a piece of cheese
I'm Vienna without the Viennese
I'm Da Vinci without the Mona Lisa
I'm skies without blue

When you don't hang around on my kangaroo without a hop
When will you show me that as Romeo you're not a flop

I'm Western without a hitching ghost
I'm a network without a coast-to-coast
Just a poached egg without a piece of toast
Each time I'm without you

I am Venice without a gondolier
Or Milwaukee without a glass of beer
Could be Switzerland without a mountaineer
When I'm without you

A Columbus without Queen Isabel
Neiman Marcus without a pin to sell
Mr. Hilton with only one hotel I'm
What can I do?

Each time you wander hindering a yonder don't know where I'm at
I only know I'm lonely if so I'm here to tell you that

I'm a girlfriend without pantyhose
Any egghead who had me diagnose
Has a poached egg without a piece of toast?
Each time I'm without you

I'm a poached egg

     Today's Vocabularies

hinder 【 híndɚ 】: verb : じゃまをする

yonder 【 jάndɚ 】 : adjective : 向こうの

pantyhose 【 pǽntihòʊz 】 :  noun : パンティストッキング

egghead 【 ɛ́ɡhɛ̀d 】 : noun : 知識人

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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