Saturday, January 2, 2016

Whole Foods Haul

      My husband and I don't purchase all groceries at Whole Foods because we can't afford too expensive foods, but we know that some of their products are actually more affordable than other stores. I'm going to share with you what I bought today.

     We love their freshly roasted coffee beans. This bag of coffee beans, Organic Eye Open Blend, was just roasted today! :) We think that it's hard to find very freshly roasted coffee beans in our local. When you go to hardcore cafes, you are probably able to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans, but those might be so expensive. However, Allegro Coffee roasts coffee beans at Whole Foods and sells those at bulk sections. Those are usually $9.99 through $11.99 per pound, which is as inexpensive as my local Sprouts, but Sprouts coffee beans are not as fresh as Whole Foods ones. Therefore, Whole Foods coffee beans taste much better seriously. If you are looking for freshly roasted coffee beans at reasonable price, you can find ones at Whole Foods. :)
      We are going to brew coffee with these beans tomorrow morning. :)
Allegro Coffee Beans

       We also bought this 1 lb of beef. It was originally $6.59 per pound but was on sale for $4.99. I think that it was more inexpensive than my local grocery stores. :) We purchase beef from Whole Foods once in a while, and we know that their beef is not only high quality but also so delicious! If you find their beef on sale, you really should try it!

       Tonight, he cooked beef steaks for dinner. It was juicy and delicious!

      We also love that their peanut butter which sells at bulk section and their eggs are pretty reasonable. Many their 365 products are also always affordable. :)

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