Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Josh Woodward - Perfect

       Last Sunday, I uploaded this video, How to Brew Coffee with Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker. This time, I used Perfect, one of Josh Woodward's songs, as background music. Today, I looked up some vocabularies I didn't know before from the lyrics. 

Music - "Perfect" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Perfect


You take coffee with your cream, you squee like a teen
And the Hugh Grant stuff you've watched enough, you mumble it in your dreams

Rock out on a broom, and mangle some tunes
On weekends dance in jammy pants until the afternoon

And I know it's hard to think that someone could be in sync
With all your eccentricities

    You're perfect in the perfect way
    You're perfect, and I hope you stay
    Your goofy little self eternally, whoa-oh

    I'm weird like you, I know it's true
    I'm in the clouds up there with you
    You think you're flawed, but wouldn't you agree
    You're perfect for me

You talk to yourself, and answer as well
You read ahead on Walking Dead before you watch the show

You eat bread with fur, you still call me sir
There's a piece of gum from '91 that's hiding in your purse

But no matter what I sing, I wouldn't change a thing
You're my postmodern masterpiece


It seems your mind and mine, are strangely intertwined
And that's just a-ok with me


Today's Vocabularies

squee : verb : 〈俗〉〔歓喜・興奮などにより〕キャーと叫ぶ

Hugh Grant : イギリスの俳優

mumble 【 mˈʌmbl 】 : verb : もぐもぐ言う、ぼそぼそ言う

rock out : おもいっきり楽しむ

broom 【 brúːm 】 : noun : ほうき

mangle 【 mǽŋgl 】 : verb : 〔切ったりたたいたりして~を〕ずたずたにする、めちゃくちゃにする

sync : noun : 同期する

eccentricity 【 èksəntrísəti 】 : noun : 奇行、 風変わり

goofy 【gúːfi】 : adjective : 間抜けな、おっちょこちょいの

eternally 【 itə́ːrnəli 】 : adverb : 永遠に、いつも、絶え間なく

flawed 【 flɔ́d 】 : adjective : 欠点のある、欠陥のある

intertwined 【 ɪntɚtwáɪnd 】 : adjective : つながりを持っている、絡み合った

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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